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Entry #4

wtf are medal points evan for?

2009-10-18 03:28:57 by Luigimann

just wondering cause i got alot


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2009-10-18 04:36:14

At a certain point in time Newgrounds will reveal an MMORPG. For people with NG Gold accounts the medal points determine certain statistics of your online characters for this MMORPG. Not only that but it will also allow access to limited items. For those lucky enough to get ALL the medals in any game you are awarded an item that will be the envy of all those who do not have the item. But of course this is all just make-believe. The medal points are not for anything. Merely there to show that you have spent time playing a game to a certain extent.

Enjoy life.

Luigimann responds:

thx man


2009-12-24 16:48:35

to show how good at games you are!

Keep up the good work!!!